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  1. Dan Henson says:

    Has Armalite ever been in litigation against manufacturers or outlets over the misuse of the AR name?

    Have you ever thought of becoming litigious with media misidentification of other sporter rifles as ARs, casting shadows on your excellent name? (Slander) They have been told multiple times what AR stands for and choose to ignore facts by continuing to use AR even if in fact it was a bushmaster or some other sporter rifle.
    Maybe doing so would not only be profitable but would stop your company’s product name from being used in such a negative way.
    They can not claim ignorance to the fact.

  2. Ronald Sweet says:

    I knew this!

  3. norm merhaut says:

    This info should be sent to all news outlets as I’m so tired of the liberal media labeling all weapons of these types as AR-15s. I’ve tried to educate many people on this topic but it falls on deaf ears.

  4. Raymond C. Smith, Jr. says:

    I teach Hunter Education for a state agency as a volunteer instructor. My teaching team consist of military veterans and hunting enthusiasts. We teach game and firearm laws, statutes, ethics, safety and techniques. Therefore, since my partners and I teach truth and accuracy of facts, we do speak on the true meaning of an “AR-15.” We educate our students that “AR” means Armalite Rifle, PERIOD!!!

    There are people of power and authority practicing deceit and fraud. No one calls them out for their evil deeds and exposes them of their ways. Until common sense educated people decide to rise up against the false and misleading prophets, we will be forced to continue to endure their corruption.

  5. Dorman Davis says:

    Oh I believe AR stands for Armalite. A lot of other dingbats won’t.

  6. Mike says:

    This information needs to be known. I did not know that ar was ArmaLite rifle

  7. Ben says:

    who else here loves the 2nd Amendment?