Lackley Wins 2018 Southeast Regionals Shoot Off

2017 was Tom Lackley’s third year as a competitive shooter, the first match of last year was this same match at Universal Shooting Academy during the first weekend of February. Lackley happened to be selected to shoot against Daniel Horner (AMU) for 3 Gun Nation’s year long bracket to decide the winner during Nationals at VIR. He lost, but it was a dream to shoot against Daniel and he learned a lot from the experience. During the down season, Lackley must have reviewed the video a thousand times – while watching Daniel, he seemed to make everything look “easy.” Determined to be a better shooter and smooth out the rough edges, he’s spent the last several months constantly worked on shooting drills and countless hours in the basement quad loading and dry firing.

The 3 Gun Nation shoot off consisted of winning the Junior division shoot off against Brady Lawing – it was extremely close with Lackley having a number of pistol malfunctions. The Unlimited division was next to determine the winner followed by the Practical division with the finals of Practical vs Unlimited, all were single elimination to this point.

The bracket came down to Lackley & Joel Turner, also from AMU. The final was a best of three match with the winner receiving a Brazen Sports watch. The first match was close with Lackley edging out Turner by a hair after the shotgun. Lackley then went one-for-one with his combination of Armalite rifle and Nexus ammunition, and got to the pistol ahead of Joel. With only one pistol make-up shot, Lackley won the first match.

Lackley started the second match with a makeup on the shotgun but both getting to the rifle about the same time. Both had a few make up shots but Lackley got to the pistol slightly ahead of Turner and went ten for ten on the plates with a final shot to the winning steel popper.

Daniel & Joel are amazing competitors – always helping other shooters & giving advice & tips. Moreover, they’re just great guys. Lackley’s shooting is fun and loves the intense competition but the bonds and friendships are the real meaning of the sport.


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