Jordan Wins Bushnell Elite Tactical Sniper Challenge

From Greg Jordan:

I just got back from the Bushnell Elite Tactical Sniper Challenge. I would like to thank all the staff and sponsors that made this match possible. I can only image how much prep and planning has to go into a match of this kind! Over 100 competitors walking just under 25 miles each, camping out for the weekend and shooting high powered rifles!!

I shot the match with my partner Tommy, from work. We knew going in that we had an uphill battle due to minimum time to train. This match relied on teamwork and communication to be successful. Luckily that is something that we have worked on for years together.
We were able to pull out the win on the last day with some tough competition. The other side of our performance was our gear. This match requires tough reliable gear. We shot the match with a proven combination. We took an Armalite AR-10 SASS and Surgeon Rifles Scalpel topped off with @leupoldoptics MK6’s and @timney_triggers! Both rifles had Proof Research barrels that we fed them both Nexus Ammo’s .308 175gr Match. These rifle were hammers all weekend! Thanks to all my sponsors for the game winning gear!

If you are looking for a match to test both you and your gear give it a try! It is also a great place to learn from some pretty experienced long range shooters!


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