Over the years and as the senior sniper on the team I carried an AR-10T with a 5R barrel on it,  that rifle functioned with unyielding precision, and reliability. I had a 40X Mil-Dot scope on it and at 100 yards I would happily confuse my friends by putting a 20 round magazine in one hole as they tried in vain to count the hits on the target. If that rifle could talk it would tell you about the President of the United States all the way to foreign dignitaries I guarded and insured their safety. Keep doing what you do best.

David Szibel

Deputy Sheriff-Retired


I wanted to let you know the 3 gun AR 15 I purchased is great. Out of the box the rifle feels great in your hands. I actually like it so much I plan use it over my Daniel Defense V7 Pro and JP rifle in the next few matches. The rifle shoots flat and it’s super accurate. This rifle wants to shoot fast.

What impressed me more was the customer service. I called with a minor issue (in my head I was thinking this would take weeks to resolve). Garret, their gunsmith called me back same day and resolved my issue. They took my gun in and resolved everything, even went the extra mile and tuned it for me. I’ve been shooting competition for years now, and this is better service then I’ve receive from SIG, DD, and some of the other big names.

Thanks Armalite!

Joshua Angeles


I shot my AR10 Service Rifle this morning and extremely pleased. I was shooting with a sling so had a slight pulse, but was able to shoot a 100-7X on a 600 yard reduced target. The rifle was able to hold a sold 1 MOA, 10 Shot Group at 100 yards using the M118LR ammunition and had no malfunction or flyers.

Armalites quality control department gave me an evaluation that was right on concerning the gas system leaking and using the Armalite Buffer Spring and Heavy Buffer to prevent flyers. Thank you for the great customer service and helping resolve my rifle’s issues.

Thanks again,

Johnnie Bair, Javelin Arms


I wanted to thank you for your time and assistance earlier today. What I was expecting was a much more involved process in getting my Eagle AR-15 repaired; and what I got was great customer service and an option that works for us both.

I see where you have already had the item shipped. Once again it serves as an example of a company worthy of retaining loyal customers. I’ll be visiting the Armalite website to view some of the products we discussed.

Take care and thanks again!

Tim C


I wanted to give your company RAVE reviews for both the products and customer service. I am the proud owner of several Armalite Ar15s, and the 3 Gun rifle (13.5 inch) in .223 Wylde is the finest rifle I own. The product is superior, but my favorite part of working with Strategic Armory Corps / Armalite is the customer service- I’ve ordered directly from you guys on a few occasions, and it is painless, and you and your team are SO polite and kind.

I’m a customer for life! Keep it up!

Mark B