Founded in 1954 by Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation, Armalite is best known as the originator of the AR-10? and AR-15 platform firearms. Today, Armalite is owned by Strategic Armory Corps. We are comprised of a diverse group of individuals from a multitude of backgrounds; however, we all exhibit the highest level of commitment to innovation, product development, and customer service for the firearms industry. As we proudly celebrate over 60 years of innovation that dates back to the rifle that developed into the largest single market segment of the sporting industry, the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR), we are focused on bringing Armalite back to its roots ? building high-quality, innovative, and dependable firearms for the American people.


Every employee at Armalite serves one mission: To manufacture, assemble, and promote high-quality small arms and associated products that distinguish themselves in performance and reliability within the civilian, law enforcement, and military markets.


Armalite strives to provide the highest quality firearms, firearm parts and accessories, and machined products to our diversified customer base. We are committed to meeting or exceeding our customers? requirements by continually improving our processes, customer service, and quality management system.

As a subsidiary of Strategic Armory Corps, Armalite has driven our commitment to our mission and quality standards to the next level. We build premium products in the United States, by Americans, for Americans.


Strategic Armory Corps, founded in 2011, has been designed and structured with the customer in mind. By combining market leading, complimentary brands under one-roof, Strategic Armory Corps is able to utilize a wide array of technology, personnel, and experience to improve the product development cycle, customer service, and commitment to manufacturing quality products to all of the subsidiary brands. To date, five highly respected brands have been acquired: Armalite, AWC Silencers, McMillan Firearms, Nexus Ammunition, and Surgeon Rifles. These companies strategically fit together to form a strong base of products and services that are designed to exceed the expectations of military, law enforcement, commercial groups, and individual users around the world.