Inspection Service

This service will be a detailed inspection, field cleaning, and lubrication of the firearm M-15 or Ar10.

The rifle will be test fired for correct function at the end of the service.

 Detailed inspection includes.

  1. Firing pin inspection for shape and protrusion.
  2. Gas ring check/ and replacement if needed.
  3. Extractor inspection.
  4. Gas key and gas tube alignment check.
  5. Ejector test.
  6. Head space check.
  7. Trigger function and safety check.
  8. Mag catch check.
  9. Bolt stop check.
  10. Buffer spring spec check.
  11. Checking all screws for torque settings with blue locktight.
  12. Chamber polish.
  13. Debur Feed ramp.
  14. Gas Block aliment check.
  15. Hand guard alignment check.
  16. Muzzle device check.
  17. Over all inspection of the rifle for correct assembly or damage.

The inspection notes will be shared with the customer along with any recommendations we may have via email or phone after inspection. A copy of the inspection will be included in the package with the rifle back to the customer. 

In addition to the 17 point inspection we will cover blemishes with Aluminum Black and Cold Blue.

Cleaning will be a field strip functional cleaning. Barrel will be cleaning with a bore snake.

All friction points will be lubricated after cleaning.

At the end of the service a live ammo function test will be completed to insure proper function.

This would be a good time to upgrade your rifle as well. We can install any parts that we have for sale while be have it for an additional labor charge.


Inquiry Info:

Email LStephens@sacfirearms.com directly to get your rfile serviced today!