M-15A4 Gunsmith Kit

Item Number: GSK15A4

Some of the most sophisticated M-15 rifles in the world are made by our customers.  Now you can build your own custom M-15 without having to buy a complete rifle and discard expensive parts.  ArmaLite's Gunsmith Kits provide the core of the genuine ArmaLite M-15A4 that can be combined with either ArmaLite or third-party parts to build your perfect rifle.  The Core Kit includes a genuine ArmaLite lower receiver, flat top upper receiver and all the parts needed in every rifle, from the barrel nut threads to the lower receiver extension threads (minus grip). 

All of the parts for the heart of the rifle; The Complete Upper and Lower Receiver with all Internal Parts, Including the Genuine ArmaLite Tactical 2 Stage Trigger Group.

Kit Includes:  (1) M-15 Bolt Stop, (1) Tactical Two Stage Trigger Set, (1) M-15 Thirty Round Magazine, (1) M-15 Lower Receiver, (1) M-15 Bolt Carrier Group Complete, (1) M-15 Magazine Catch, (1) M-15 Pivot Pin, (1) M-15 Takedown Pin, (1) M-15 Charging Handle Assembly, (1) Ejector & Safety Spring, (1) M-15A4 Upper Receiver Stripped, (1) Ejection Port Door, (1) Ejection Port Spring, (1) Pistol Grip Screw, (1) Pistol Grip Washer, (1) Safety Selector Detent, (2) Detent Spring, (2) Detent, (1) Buffer Detent, (1) Buffer Detent Spring, (1) Bolt Stop Pin, (1) Bold Stop Plunger, (1) Bolt Stop Spring, (1) Magazine Catch Button, (1) Magazine Catch Spring, (1) Safety Selector, (1) Trigger Guard, (1) Trigger Guard Pin

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