AR-10 Otis Grip Kit

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Item Number: FG-225-76

With the demand for firearms with a collapsible stock, Otis has developed the Otis Grip Kit™ Cleaning System. Reclaim the lost space in the standard handgrip. This is the civilian bright brass version of the military issue cleaning system. The essential Memory-Flex® cleaning rod, obstruction remover, slotted tip, T-handle, bore brush, and small caliber patches are neatly packed into the Otis Grip Kit™, making it the most portable cleaning system on the market today. This kit also includes an anchor for the Otis Grip Kit™ clip, a button head hex screw, and a hex wrench. Developed for lightweight special operations firearms, bore clearing and cleaning can be accomplished in seconds.

If your 5.56MM firearm has a collapsible stock, the Otis Grip Kit™ is the cleaning system for you.

- Dimensions: 1 1/4" x 3 1/8" x 1/2"

MSRP: $33.00

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