AR-10® / M1A 20-Round Dual Purpose Magazine

Item Number: EX5000

Armalite has produced a small experimental run of magazines intended to work in both the AR-10 and M14 rifle (and all of its descendants).  This is the first dual-use magazine introduced by Armalite and is being offered to customers on a trial basis.
The Type 1 version employs a special, short latch plate to engage the magazine catch of the M14/M1A rifle and the characteristic magazine catch window of the AR-10.  The Type 1 magazine employs the M14 follower, and will engage the bolt stop of the M14/M1A rifle to halt the bolt after the last round is fired.  The AR-10 carrier group will be halted by the rear of the follower, not the AR-10 bolt stop (and will thus require a sharp tug to remove from the receiver).
Armalite is soliciting field response and suggestions to this magazine concept...  

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