AR-10® Spring Replacement Kit (to be Used with Two-Stage Trigger)

Item Number: EA6140

Kit includes:  1 AR-10 / M-15 port door spring (EA1167), 1 forward assist spring (EU0480), 1 AR-10B extractor spring (EA1030), 1  AR-10 extractor spring insert (10403035), 2 AR-10 ejector springs (EA1050), 2 detent springs (EL0140), 1 buffer detent spring (EL0200), 1 bolt stop spring (EL0250), 1 magazine catch spring (EL0280), 1 hammer spring (EL0320),  1 trigger spring, two-stage (15303055), 1 disconnector spring, two-stage (10806100), 1 charging handle latch spring (EU0040), 1 front sight detent spring (EU0230), 1 AR-10 Buna-90 O'Ring (EA1136), and 1 recision box with brass hinges (EX0610).

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