AR-10® Field Repair Kit

Item Number: EA6020

This kit has everything useful to perform minor repairs to keep your rifle running for decades.
Kit includes: AR-10 extractor spring insert (10403035), AR-10 firing retaining pin (EA1009), helical spring (E20100), AR-10 gas ring (10407003), AR-10B ejector spring (EA1050), AR-10 / AR-50 ejector (EA1045), AR-10 / AR-50 ejector pin (EA1040), AR-10B extractor spring (EA1030), AR-10B extractor (EA1025), AR-10B extractor pin (EA1020), AR-10 cam pin (10406000), AR-10B firing pin spring (EA1011), AR-10B firing pin (EA1010), AR-10 buna o-ring (EA1136), hammer pin retaining clip (10308020).

Caliber: .308

Your Price: $60.00  EA