AR-10® Spring Replacement Kit

Item Number: EA6000

Key parts to keep your rifle firing for years!

Kit includes:  3 helical spring (E20040), helical spring (elevation, big) (E20100), extractor spring (EA1030), extractor spring plunger (10403035), 2 ejector/safety spring (EB0110), 2 detent spring (EL0140), buffer detent spring (EL0200), bolt stop spring (EL0250), magazine catch spring (EL0280), hammer spring (EL0320), disconnector spring (EL0340), trigger spring (EL0360), charging handle latch spring (EU0040), ejection port cover spring (EA1167), front sight spring (EU0230), AR-10 firing pin spring (EA1011), and Buna-90 o'ring (EA1136).

*kit is for single stage trigger

Caliber: .308

Your Price: $16.00  EA