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AR-10® A-Series National Match Trigger Lower Receiver Parts Kit

Item Number: A10LRPK-N

Kit Includes: ejector/safety spring (EB0110), pistol grip screw (EL0010), pistol grip washer (EL0020), safety detent spring x2 (EL0140), detent x2, AR-10B takedown pin (EA1113), AR-10B pivot pin (EA1112), buffer detent (EL0190), buffer detent spring (EL0200), bolt stop pin (EL0220), AR-10A bolt stop catch (11203100), bolt stop plunger (EL0240), bolt stop spring (EL0250), AR-10A magazine catch (11203200), magazine catch button (EL0270), magazine catch spring (EL0280), safety selector (EL0290), hammer and trigger pin (EL0300), National Match two-stage trigger set (10901050), disconnector (EL0330), disconnector spring (EL0340), trigger guard assembly (EL0380), trigger guard pin (EL0430), precision box with brass hinge O.D. green (EX0610)

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