AR-10®/M-15TM Vice Jaw Magwell Block

Item Number: 10901210

Armalite’s Magwell Block clamps into any vise and supports any AR-10 or M-15 rifle or carbine by its magazine well.  The firearm will be held in its upright, horizontal position.  The Block is manufactured from a non-marring nonmetallic material.  Our Block makes it easy to adjust your sights or to work on any components in the lower receiver. 

NOTE: The Block is only intended to hold the rifle in a position that’s convenient.  It is NOT intended to be used when replacing barrels or flash suppressors.  The torques required for those tasks will break the Block.  The below Vise Jaws are the proper tools for any task that requires significant torque.

Technical Note 90: Armalite Vise Jaws and Blocks

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