AR-10® 20-Round GEN II Magazine

Item Number: 10607002

New and Improved! Armalite's new GEN II AR-10 20 round magazine, not possible until the end of the 1994 ban, is dramatically smoother than the previous converted M14 magazines we were forced to sell.

GEN II magazines are now being fielded with all new AR-10 rifles.

Make sure to read related Tech Note 71 for more information on the AR-10 Magazines and Bolt Stops and to find out what makes a Generation II 20 round magazine a Generation II check out Tech Note 66.

Magazines springs for the AR-10, M-15, and AR-30 - Stainless steel, type 17-7 pre-hardened ASTM A313

We apologize but we can not ship a ban state item to a customer with a shipping or billing address from a ban state.  Both billing and shipping must be from a non-ban state address. 

Caliber: .308
Overall Length: Approximately 6"

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