Armalite Tactical Two-Stage Trigger Set

Item Number: 10309000

This is the same trigger mechanism used on Armalite AR-10®* and M-15TM rifles.  The Armalite tactical two-stage trigger set provides crisp and reliable trigger control for increased accuracy and repeatability.  1st and 2nd trigger stages are set at approximately 3 and 5 lbs. respectively for a safe yet precise trigger setting.  Both stages are adjustable.  Armalite tactical two-stage trigger set includes all components needed and installation instructions.

NOTE: Please read Tech Note 68 (in our website Library) thoroughly to determine if you are comfortable with the installation tasks. If you would like our Service Department to install this kit into your firearm, please contact our sales department at   Kit installation by our Service Department typically require less than one hour of labor.”


*Earlier version AR-10 bolt carriers will require narrowing of two-stage hammer.

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