Fort McCoy Fall 2010

On September 10, 2010 North Coast Shooter’s Association began the 4th event at Fort McCoy. The event has been a huge success in that the members of NCSA has been the only civilian to ever shoot at Fort McCoy in its 100 year existence. The success of the first shoot in spring of 2009 has lead to a each successful shoot, of which has not gone unnoticed by the base and its commanders. NCSA has no doubt paved the way for future events and more competitive shooting on base. ArmaLite has been proud to sponsor the events that has such a unique events and a great group of   individuals participating.

A special thanks to Fort McCoy for providing the range for civilian shooters.

And to NCSA for hosting an event such as this

And to the shooters who come out and participate and make this event such a success. Thank You.

The 3 shoots consist of a 100 meter pop up target, 100-500 meter pop up and 550 – 1000 meter long range pop up. The following images were taken over the course of the week end. Even with the light sprinkles on Saturday, the competition went extremely well.

Soldiers return home with multiple titles.














Teenage shooters the Illinois Hard Dogs on target at Camp Perry.
















The Illinois State Rifle Association Junior High Power Team Thanks Armalite for the generosity shown the team in support of our 2010 season.

ArmaLite is pleased to announce the great Camp Perry success of the Illinois Hard Dogs! The Hard Dogs are the junior high power rifle team of the Illinois State Rifle Association. The team is made up of young people ages 13 to 19 from around Illinois.

This 2010 Hard Dogs team had a strong showing at the CMP National Trophy Matches at Camp Perry. Hard Dogs finished as high as 8th place in the Junior Aggregate out of 204 competitors. One Hard Dog earned his first 10 leg points towards the Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge. Two of the Hard Dogs’ two-person teams received medals in the Freedom’s Fire Match. Our six-person infantry team was the second highest junior team and tenth overall in the National Trophy Infantry Team Match, beating some of the top teams from the US military.

Best of all, every one of the ten Hard Dogs that competed in the nationals wants to go back next year!
You can learn more about the Hard Dogs at their web site:

ArmaLite is a proud sponsor of the 2010 Hard Dogs. Our donation of an M-15 National Match rifle helped raise more than $10,000 in the Hard Dogs’ annual Camp Perry raffle. Several other firearms manufacturers, including Geneseo’s Springfield Armory, also made generous donations to the raffle. Raffle proceeds help pay for rifle maintenance, ammunition, entry fees and the cost of lodging at Camp Perry.

Go Hard Dogs!

National Rifle & Pistol Championships - Camp Perry, Ohio

The National Matches, considered America's "World Series of the Shooting Sports", have been a tradition at Camp Perry, Ohio since 1907.  Each summer, the nation's finest civilian and military marksmen and women square off for five weeks of rifle and handgun competition in a variety of formats and events.  Visit Camp Perry web site for information on this historic location and a listing of events being conducted there.

Tentative Dates for 2010

July 11-13 Pistol SAFS
July 13-17 NRA Pistol Matches
July 18 National Trophy Pistol Matches
July 21-24 Smallbore Rifle 3-Position Matches
July 25-29 Smallbore Rifle Prone Matches
July 31-Aug 1 High Power Rifel SAFS
Aug 2-7 National Trophy Rifle Matches
Aug 8 NRA/Springfield Match
Aug 8 NRA Whistler Boy & 2nd Amendment Team Matches
Aug 9-13 NRA High Power Rifle Matches
Aug 14-18 NRA Long Range Matches


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