Welcome to the part of Armalite's website that will help you upgrade your firearm so it looks and functions exactly the way you desire.

If you have purchased an Armalite rifle and now want to add different features, our Premier Service Division can assist you.  We can upgrade nearly any Armalite with features found on our Premier Line of rifles.  We can also install any Armalite parts to enable you to upgrade your firearm or simply to change it to a new configuration.  Select any product/option/feature from our catalog and we can add it to your rifle or carbine.

Contact ArmaLite for details: 800-336-0184 EXT: 126


-AR-10 Free Float Quad Rail Handguard Kit (P/N 10705318KIT)

-AR-10 Midlength Handguard (P/N 10705323KIT)

-AR-10(T) Handguard Kit (P/N 10703411KIT)

-AR-10 SASS Handguard/Gas System Kit (P/N 10109600KIT)

-M-15(T) Handguard Kit (P/N 15703411KIT)

-Magpul CTR Stock (P/N 10707060)

-Magpul PRS Stock (P/N 10701040)

-AR-10(T) Barrel Assembly, 20" Stainless, 1:10" (P/N B10T-20)

-AR-10 National Match Barrel Assembly, Stainless, 1:10" (P/N B10A4NM)

See our website or catalog for more info on these, or any other, upgrades.

Turnaround time will vary with specific upgrade requested.

Premier Service Division can also install non-Armalite parts.  Please discuss the parts you wish to purchase to upgrade your rifle with Premier Service Division to determine if the product is adequate for you rifle.  Armalite will not install non-Armalite parts that it deems unsuitable or inadequate.

Contact our Premier Service Division for information and to order Rifle Upgrades.

Premier Service Division
745 S. Hanford St.
Geneseo, IL. 61254

Toll-free Phone: 800-336-0184 EXT 126.