Helpful Hints





This section contains helpful hints that should make your use of the Armalite website more convenient and enjoyable.




1. The “Contact Us”, “Policies”, and “Terms of Use” sections of the website contain valuable information.  We recommend that you take the time to read them.


2.  The “Library” is also a wealth of technical information.  It includes the latest versions of all of the Owner’s Manuals, many Technical Notes that contain information not readily found in other sources, and several other topics of general interest.


3.  Our website contains a very extensive list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions that can be accessed directly from our Home page.  The FAQs are divided into convenient topics including Privacy Policy, Sales & Shipping, Web Sales, Terms & Conditions, Returns, General Technical Questions, and a special section for EACH one of our product lines.   





1.  Your password is case sensitive.  Be sure that you remember your capitalization.


2.  All requested information is mandatory except your fax number.  If you do not provide all of the mandatory information, the system will not allow you to complete any orders.


3.  If you check the “Remember Me” block on the log in page, the system will remember your login for a period of approximately three days.  During that period, whenever you subsequently log in from the same computer, the system will remember you.  However, if you hit “Log Out”, the “Remember Me” function is cancelled and the system will not remember you.


4.  If you forget your password, type in your email address and request a new password.  You will be sent a new, random password.  The new, random password will allow you to log into a screen where you can change the password to your old password or another password of your choosing by following the self-explanatory prompts.  You must enter a new password before you can proceed further into your account or to shop.







1.  Some items are listed as “Call To Order”.  We use these words to identify items that cannot legally be purchased by retail customers over the internet (e.g. firearms and serialized components.)


2.  Some items are listed as “Out Of Stock  Call To Order”.  We use these words to identify items that are usually sold over the internet but are currently not available.  You can keep watching the item on the website until you see that it is available.  Or you can call us to order it on a backorder basis.


3.  If you do nothing for a period of approximately 45 minutes, the system will automatically log you out.   If you are logged out, the system will save your Shopping Cart for a few hours.


4.  If you log yourself out, the system will not save your Shopping Cart.


5. When you are purchasing an item, DO NOT hit the “Add To Cart” key more than once.  Every time you hit that key, the site will add the item to your cart.  Be sure to review your cart before you check out.


6.  You may enter your credit card number with or without dashes or spaces.


7.  If you delete an item from your shopping cart, you will not be able to recover that item by backing up a screen.  To add the deleted item back into your cart, you must find the item and “Add To Cart”.


8.  While you’re shopping, your in-process shopping cart will be shown on the right side of the screen for your convenience.   If you change the quantity of an item you’re purchasing in your in-process cart, you must hit “View Cart Details” or “Update Quantities” in order for that change to take effect.


9.  While you’re shopping, you can calculate your shipping cost by entering your “SHIP TO” zip code and by selecting the speed of U.P.S. delivery that you want.   If you want the shipping cost to be calculated for your shipping address, make sure that you enter the “ship to” zip code for the shipping address that you have in your account.  When you get to the “Checkout” page, the system will calculate final shipping costs based on the “ship to” address in your account.


10.  You will not be able to see the TOTAL cost of your order (including shipping cost and any taxes) until you get to the “Checkout” screen.   The total cost will be at the bottom of that screen.


11.  In order to save your checkout cart, you must enter all of the customer information (including credit card and shipping information) required on the checkout page.


12.  Your credit card will not be charged until your order is ready to be shipped. 


13.  Depending upon your particular printer, you may, or may not, be able to completely print your checkout page(s) or order confirmation page(s).  However, you will receive, via email, an order confirmation from ArmaLite.





1.  You can track the status of your order on the website.  Your order will remain under “Open Orders” until our warehouse boxes the order for shipment.  Then the order will be shown under “Order History”.   After the order is shipped, you will be able to track it via the UPS Tracking Number that is shown for that order within your “Order History”.




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