Tech Notes

Throughout the years, Armalite has published a series of Technical Notes on subjects that we feel are of substantial value to owners of our firearms, and to gun enthusiasts in general.  The Technical Notes constitute a resource that is not easily found elsewhere.

Each Technical Note represents the best knowledge available to Armalite at the time the Technical Note was prepared.

Technical Notes are applicable to Armalite firearms being produced at the time the Technical Note was published.  However, evolution of the design of our firearms may have created information that is obsolete in the Technical Notes.  The Owner's Manual shipped with your Armalite firearm should always be your first source of technical information on your firearm.

In some cases, we have prepared more than one Technical Note on a particular subject.  In those cases, we suggest that you consider the latest Technical Notes to be the most authoritative.

If you have any questions regarding the information contained in a Technical Note, feel free to contact us at

TECHNICAL NOTE 116: AR-30 and AR-31 Bolt Handles

TECHNICAL NOTE 115: Technical Aspects of ArmaLite A2 Front Sights

TECHNICAL NOTE 114: Installation of ArmaLite's AR-30, AR-30A1, and AR-50A1 Muzzle Brake Kits

TECHNICAL NOTE 113: Installation of ArmaLite's captive hammer and trigger pins

TECHNICAL NOTE 112: Installation of ArmaLite's M-15 Carbine Bayonet Adapter

TECHNICAL NOTE 111: Testing & Inspection throughout a firearm's life cycle

TECHNICAL NOTE 110: Projectile Weight Versus Rifling Twist

TECHNICAL NOTE 109: Installing, Adjusting, and Using the M1 Rifle Sling

TECHNICAL NOTE 108: Rapid semiautomatic fire and the assault rifle (Firing Rate Versus Accuracy)

TECHNICAL NOTE 106: The truth about performance info in marketing ads

TECHNICAL NOTE 105: Problems with "NON-OEM" components in ArmaLite Firearms

TECHNICAL NOTE 104: Some thoughts on design and reliability of AR-Style Firearms

TECHNICAL NOTE 103: Cryogenic Treating of Barrels


TECHNICAL NOTE 100: AR-10 and M-15 Iron Sight Adjustments

TECHNICAL NOTE 99: Installation of ArmaLite's AR-10 & M-15 Barrel Assemblies

TECHNICAL NOTE 98: Firearm Operating Systems

TECHNICAL NOTE 97: Installation of ArmaLite's AR-10 & M-15 Picatinny Rail Gas Block Kits

TECHNICAL NOTE 96: Headspace Inspection

TECHNICAL NOTE 95: .22LR Upper Half Assembly for M-15 Series Firearms

TECHNICAL NOTE 94: ARC .22LR Conversion Kit for M-15 Series Firearms

TECHNICAL NOTE 93: Conversion of M14 Magazines to AR-10 Magazines

TECHNICAL NOTE 92: Scoping out your ArmaLite

TECHNICAL NOTE 91: Selection and use of cleaning/maintenance equipment

TECHNICAL NOTE 90: ArmaLite Vise Jaws and Blocks

TECHNICAL NOTE 89: Causes, Identifications, and Correction of Malfunctions

TECHNICAL NOTE 88: Ambidextrous Controls

TECHNICAL NOTE 87: Care of Ammunition

TECHNICAL NOTE 85: Installing an ArmaLite SPR Mod 1 Upper Half Assembly on an M-15

TECHNICAL NOTE 84: Installation of ArmaLite's SPR Mod 1 Kit

 TECHNICAL NOTE 83: Installation of ArmaLite's Free Float Handguard Rail Kits and Sling Swivel Kits

TECHNICAL NOTE 82: Installation of ArmaLite's M-15 Quad Rail Free Float Handguard Kits

TECHNICAL NOTE 81: Installation of ArmaLite's AR-10 & M-15 1913 Handguard Kits

Technial Note 80: Installation of ArmaLite's M-15 Free Float Handguard Kits

TECHNICHAL NOTE 79: Installation of ArmaLite's AR-10 Quad Rail Free Float Handguard Kits

TECHNICAL NOTE 78: Installation of ArmaLite's Two Stage Trigger Set (Tactical Two Stage Trigger Set P/N 10309000, and National Match Two Stage Trigger Set P/N 10309050)

TECHNICAL NOTE 77: Installation of ArmaLite's AR-10 Free Float Handguard Kits

TECHNICAL NOTE 76: Installation of ArmaLite's AR-30 Sight Rail Kit (P/N 30910000KIT)

TECHNICAL NOTE 75: Installation of ArmaLite's AR-50 / AR-50A1 Sight Rail Kits (P/Ns AR500361, 50809330KIT, and AR500365)

TECHNICAL NOTE 74: 5.56 NATO vs SAAMI .223 Remington vs Wylde 

TECHNICAL NOTE 73: Installation and use of ArmaLite's AR-10 Super SASS handguard and gas system

TECHNICAL NOTE 72: Cleaners, Lubricants, and Preservatives

TECHNICAL NOTE 71: AR-10 Magazines and Bolt Stops

TECHNICAL NOTE 69: Headspace 

TECHNICAL NOTE 68: Tuning the ArmaLite Tactical Two-stage Trigger

TECHNICAL NOTE 66: AR-10 Generation II 20 Round Magazine 

TECHNICAL NOTE 62: Lubrication of Firearms

TECHNICAL NOTE 60: Measuring Headspace 

TECHNICAL NOTE 59: AR-10(T) Addendum to USMC M16A2 Technical Manual 

TECHNICAL NOTE 58: Using AR-15® Magazines in the AR-180(R) 

TECHNICAL NOTE 57: Ammunition Reliablity 

TECHNICAL NOTE 56: Extractor Reliability 

TECHNICAL NOTE 55: Receiver Tightness

TECHNICAL NOTE 54: Gas Versus Piston Drive 

TECHNICAL NOTE 53: Adjusting ArmaLite's Clamping Front Sight Base for Windage 

TECHNICAL NOTE 52: Errata Sheet for ArmaLite and Eagle Arms M15 Series Rifles 

TECHNICAL NOTE 51: Selecting the Right Ammunition for the AR

TECHNICAL NOTE 50: The Cycle of Operation as a Guide to Troubleshooting 

TECHNICAL NOTE 49, Cartridge Case Failure in the M16 and Similar Rifles 

TECHNICAL NOTE 48, The Effects of Barrel Design and Heat on Reliability

TECHNICAL NOTE 47: Increased Carrier Key Torque

TECHNICAL NOTE 46: Errata Sheet for ArmaLite Ar-180B Rifles

TECHNICAL NOTE 43: Refinishing AR-15, M-16, and AR-10B Magazines 

TECHNICAL NOTE 42: The ArmaLite M-16 Magazine Grading System

TECHNICAL NOTE 41: Field Testing of M-16 Rifle Magazines 

TECHNICAL NOTE 38: Inspecting and Servicing 20 Round Magazines 

TECHNICAL NOTE 36: Conversion of Low Quality Commercial M14 Magazines to AR-10B Magazines

Technical Note 35: Evaluating AR-10 Bolt Assemblies for Effective Extraction

TECHNICAL NOTE 34: Adjusting the Ejection Pattern of the AR-10 Rifle

TECHNICAL NOTE 33: Why Identifying and Solving Malfunctions can take so long

TECHNICAL NOTE 29, Rifle Cleaning 

TECHNICAL NOTE 28, Breaking in Match Barrels

TECHNICAL NOTE 27: Updated AR-10 Magazine Assembly Procedure

TECHNICAL NOTE 26: Zeroing ArmaLite National Match Sigths

TECHNICAL NOTE 25: What to do if Your Rifle Malfunctions 

TECHNICAL NOTE 23: Bullets Suitable for ArmaLite .243 Caliber AR-10 Rifles 

TECHNICAL NOTE 21: Functioning of .243 Caliber AR-10 Rifles 

TECHNICAL NOTE 20: Ammunition, Barrels, and Accuracy of AR-10(T) Rifles

TECHNICAL NOTE 18: M16A2 Rear Sights 

TECHNICAL NOTE 17: Marring of Cartridge Cases

TECHNICAL NOTE 15: Installation of National Match Sights 

TECHNICAL NOTE 13: Improved Rifle Bolt 

TECHNICAL NOTE 12: Installation of the AR-10B Magazine Follower 

TECHNICAL NOTE 10: Prevention of slamfires

TECHNICAL NOTE 9: Installation of ArmaLite Fiberglass Handguard

TECHNICAL NOTE 8: Uniformity of Color on Aluminum Parts 

TECHNICAL NOTE 5: Errata Sheet for ArmaLite AR-10 Rifles

TECHNICAL NOTE 4: Hammer/Trigger Pin Diameters and Complications

TECHNICAL NOTE 3: Effect of Ammunition on Rifle Function

TECHNICAL NOTE 2: Titanium Firing Pins Considered Generally Useless

TECHNICAL NOTE 1: Milspec Rifles