Letter of Authenticity

Customers often ask various questions about the Armalite firearms they have.  Information regarding this may be obtained by purchasing a Letter of Authenticity.

Documentation about the origin of your rifle may be important to authorities (pre vs. post ban, etc...) and many customers find that documentation adds to the value of the rifle upon resale.

Sometimes customers need official information about possible alteration of their rifles after manufacture.  The Letter of Authenticity also adds value to your rifle, and travels with the lifetime of the gun.

Each Letter will include:
In what configuration it left the factory
When it left the factory
It's features
Signed by the President of Armalite

Information required:
Name of firearm owner
Address of firearm owner
Phone Number of Firearm owner
Complete Serial Number for Firearm

Price: $30.00 plus Delivery Confirmation Receipt ($7.00)

Contact information:
Phone: 800-336-0184 (Randy @ ext. 108)
Email: welchr2@armalite.com