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Tactical-life.com: A pictorial thank you to U.S. and Canadian forces from ArmaLite.

Tactical-life.com: NEW BATTLE RIFLE chambered for Federal’s powerhouse cartridge!

Ammoland.com: ArmaLite 6.8MM Carbine Now Available

Outdoorlife.com: New Carbine: Armalite M-15A4 in 6.8 SPC

Truthaboutguns.com: Gun Review: ArmaLite National Match M-15 A2 (Part 2)

Truthaboutguns.com: Gun Review: ArmaLite National Match M-15 A2 (Part 1)

Ammoland.com: 101 Reasons To Buy An ARMALITE Rifle – Chapter 3

Gun Review: ArmaLite National Match M-15 A2

SHOT Show 2011 Video: What's New at Armalite?

Gun Digest: SHOT Show 2011: Armalite Rolls Out National Match Version of the Big AR50

Guns America: ArmaLite AR10A2 in .308 Win. (7.62 NATO)

Tactical Gear: SHOT Show 2011: Armalite Upgrades Special Purpose Rifle (SPR)

AmmoLand.com: ARMALITE AR-50A1 National Match Rifle – Making The Best Even Better

TacticalLife.com: Armalite AR-50A1 National Match

Truthaboutguns.com: Gun Preview ArmaLite M-15

American Rifleman.org: Bug-Out Bag: Your one Survival Gun

Ammoland.com: ArmaLite announces the new AR-10 A2 Rifle

This is how Armalite’s hometown honors vets on Veteran’s Day.

U.S. Veterans: Gone But Not Forgotten

Armalite & Geneseo, Illinois Marks Veterans Day 2010

ArmaLite & Partners Support National Shooting Sports Foundation

Armalite and Rock Island Auction Company Team Up Against Crime

ArmaLite, AR10t.com, GunBroker.com and GunsAmerica.com team up for NSSF’s 50th anniversary fundraiser.

Gun Digest: ArmaLite releases varmint rifle in .260 Remington

tacticalgearnews.com: ArmaLite builds its first .260 Remington

thetruthaboutguns.com: ArmaLite introduces AR-10(T) in .260 Remington

Tactical Gear News.com: ArmaLite 10th Anniversary AR-50A1
AmmoLand.com: ArmaLite 10th Anniversary AR-50A1 Rifle.
Gun Digest: ArmaLite Releases 10th Anniversary AR-50A1
Tactical-Life.com: ArmaLite 10th Anniversary AR-50A1; Limited to 50 Units!
Tactical-Life.com: ArmaLite AR-10 in .338 Federal
ArmaLite .22LR Conversion Kit
Tactical-Life.com: ArmaLite Limited Run AR10-A4
Tactical-Life.com: ArmaLite Ar-10 1913 Carbine Limited Run
truthaboutguns.com: ArmaLite introduces limited edition 10th anniversary AR-50
ammoland.com: ArmaLite AR-10 Rifles in .338 Federal now available.
ammoland.com: ArmaLite Announces a Limited Edition AR-10A4 BSNF Rifles
Gun-Digest: ArmaLite AR-10 in .338 Federal Now Available.
Gun-Digest: ArmaLite announces Limited run AR-10A4.

TheTruthaboutguns.com: Gun Review: ArmaLite AR-10

AMMOLAND.COM: ArmaLite’s SPR Mod 1 LE Carbine Is Now In Stock

TACTICAL-LIFE.COM: ArmaLite’s SPR Mod 1 LE Carbine now in stock and available for immediate shipment.

AmmoLand.com: ArmaLite Announces A Limited Run of AR-10 Rifles In .243 Winchester

THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM: ArmaLite Releases Limited Edition AR-10 in .243 Winchester

Tacticallife.com: ArmaLite AR-10 .243 Winchester Limited Run

Policemag.com: ArmaLite introduces SPR Mod 1 AR-Style Rifle

ArmaLite's AR-10(T) Varmint Hunter Limited Edition Carbine

Shooting Industry December 2009

Shooting Industry March 2010

thetruthaboutguns.com: Gun Review AR24-15C

AmmoLand.com: ArmaLite picks truck load contest winner

ArmaLite announces Special Run of Case Ready Carbines

ArmaLite Rifles accepting new dealers - Great opportunity to join our top notch team

ArmaLite AR-50A1 Rifle on Sale for $3,359.00

Someone takes QC man up on Truck Load of Guns offer.

Ammoland.com: ArmaLite announces its "One rifle is never enough" sale

Ammoland.com: ArmaLite new SPR Mod 1 Cop Kit (Continuous Optics Platform) Offers Unprecedented Versatility

Tactical Life.com: ArmaLite SPR Mod 1 Continuous Optics Platform (COP) Kit

Ammoland.com: ArmaLite selling truckloads of AR-10 Super S.A.S.S. rifles 

TactialLife.com: ArmaLite sells a truck load of guns, buyer keeps "duece and a half" truck free

thetruthaboutguns.com: ArmaLite Truck load sale

TacticalLife.com - Armalite Truckload Sale, Literally *Update*

ArmaLite offers: buy truck-load of guns, get free Army truck

TacticalLife.com - ArmaLite Introduces SPR-A1 Forged Upper Receiver/Rail System

TacticalLife.com - ArmaLite SPR Mod 1 with one-piece upper receiver/rail system and detachable side and bottom rails

TacticalLife.com- Armalite SPR Mod 1 Continuous Optics Platform (C.O.P.) M15 Carbine Kit

Ammoland.com - Get A COP In A Kit an ArmaLite SPR Mod 1 Continuous Optics Platform (COP) Accessories Rail Kit That Is

Ammoland.com - ArmaLite Special Purpose (SPR) MOD 1 Rifle

Ammoland.com article on the M-15A4B

Highly detailed pictures on AR15.com

ArmaLite President on NRAnews.com (Video in Program Archives, Click on January 20th and scroll down to Mark Westrom)

Blog on the new SPR Mod 1

Tactical Life (Scroll to bottom of page for article.)