ArmaLite is regularly seeking talented, driven employees who have, or would like to have, experience in marketing, purchasing, assembly, machine shop, quality assurance, warehousing, and engineering. 


Positions represented and available at ArmaLite span from entry level requiring no experience to positions requiring journeyman skill sets and formal education degrees.


ArmaLite provides a friendly, family oriented work environment which encourages participation and ideas from all levels of the organization and values those who attain goals set both by the organization and by the individual.


Our pay and benefit package includes 3 health insurance options, 100% paid disability insurance,  paid vacation,  dental, life, flex, and 401(k) plans.


Some of our employees are required to travel in support of ArmaLite’s business.  Other employees are provided the opportunity to travel and many enjoy the work functions such as trade shows, shooting events and armorer’s training associated with travel for ArmaLite.


All of our employees who are residents of Illinois must possess or be able to obtain an Illinois Firearms Owner’s IDentification (FOID) card.  Employees who are not residents of Illinois must possess or be able to obtain a similar document relevant to their state such as the Iowa Pistol Permit.


See below for a list of currently open positions.  To submit an application for employment, simply fill out the APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT FORM on this link and return to jobs@armalite.com or to our mail address:



Human Resources

P.O. Box 299

Geneseo IL 61254.

Email all resumes to jobs@armalite.com.


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