Premier Services Division provides services for ArmaLite customers that typical manufacturers simply cannot offer. We provide aftermarket upgrades to our customers' existing rifles and to rifles straight from our factory. We provide two customized models of the AR-10. Most importantly, all of this customer work comes with an expertise unmatched in the firearms industry.

Don't forget that you need an RMA number from us before you send in any firearm for repair or upgrade.  See the "Warranty and Non-Warranty Repair" webpage for RMA and return information.

How to Order a Premier Firearm

Contact an FFL holder to order from ArmaLite.
Each rifle requires 50% advance, non-refundable payment.
Only a limited number of Premier Firearms are kept in stock.  If the model you want is not in stock, delivery could take up to 180 days.  Contact us for availability.

For any Premier Services support, including warranty repair, non-warranty repair, firearm upgrades, or to order a Premier Firearm, contact us at:

Premier Services Division
745 S. Hanford St.
Geneseo, IL 61254

Toll-free phone: 800-336-0184 Ext 126


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